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Name:Bradley Kyle Watson
Birthdate:Mar 4
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Bradley Kyle Watson is the eldest of the three Watson boys, and though he wasn't quite sure at three years old what to think when younger brother Aaron was born, he soon came to adore his little brother, and was even more excited to have youngest brother, Beau joined the family. They were a tight knit trio, and very close to their parents and extended family as well.

Like the rest of the family, Brad's whole world was shaken up when Beau was diagnosed with leukemia. At seventeen years old, the thought of losing his eleven year old little brother was nearly inconceivable, but it came very close to happening. For many years, Beau fought the illness bravely, until finally, the efforts of the doctors came to fruition, and he went into remission.

By this time, Brad was nearly done with college, where he majored in business. He had come out early in high school, gay and totally comfortable with it, and college was quite an experience in growth and establishing himself more firmly in his sexuality. He attended Columbia University, and there had his first long term relationship, with a fellow business major. But that relationship wouldn't last, and while out with good friend and drinking buddy, Ryan Bailey one night before graduation, Brad found himself having a one night stand with the guy. It was the end of his relationship with his boyfriend, but Brad just couldn't be sorry for it, for a reason he couldn't even be sure of himself. Only a short while later, they graduated, and Ryan enlisted in the military, shortly thereafter being deployed to Afghanistan.

Losing touch with Ryan, and losing his relationship with his boyfriend all in one go, Brad moved on. After graduation, he scored an internship with a pharmaceutical company as a sales rep. He moved up very quickly, and became CEO of the company at a young age, after being hand selected by the retiring CEO upon his retirement. He very much lived the single life of a very comfortable-in-his-skin gay man in a big city with lots of opportunities, and did more than his share of getting around, but in the back of his mind, he often found himself wondering what had happened to Ryan, and if his old college friend had made it back alive.

It was one day, several years down the road, that Brad got the answer to that question. When Beau dragged him along on a day at the park with his former boyfriend, now best friend Liam, Liam's sister Natalie, and her charge, Campbell, things were going along just fine. Nat and Brad had always gotten on well, both knowing the trials and tribulations of looking out for younger siblings, so it was really no big deal. But, in a twist of fate that Brad never could have seen coming, they ran across a dad with a screaming two year old girl, who seemed to be completely at a loss as to what to do to stop the crying. Natalie stepped right in to the rescue, solving the problem for the flustered dad...

Who turned out to be Ryan. There was no denying the instant rush of feelings that came flooding to the forefront when Brad saw him, and from that moment on, he was convinced that he would never let the other guy go again. They exchanged numbers, and over the next few weeks, Brad learned the whole story of how Ryan had donated sperm to a lesbian couple, only to have them split, and the biological mother, a good friend of Ryan's, diagnosed with cervical cancer. Very shortly after her diagnosis, Emily had passed away, leaving daughter Haydee in Ryan's care.

Spending time with Ryan and Haydee had Brad hooked. He was in love, and there was no doubt about it. He, Ryan, and Haydee became a family, despite the fact that, before meeting Haydee, Brad had never wanted kids. Nowadays, he's every bit the daddy, and wants to soon make it official, adopting her as his own daughter. And the fact is, since it's legal in New York now, there's a big part of Brad that's thinking about marriage, too, though he hasn't popped the question. It's definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

[Disclaimer: Bradley Watson is an original character, and as such is the property of the writer. Matt Bomer belongs to himself.]

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